Managed Services

Our Managed Services offering provides the ideal cost-saving outsourcing alternative for companies seeking to evolve into an increasingly leaner operational structure and significantly reduce internal management overhead. Furthermore, this enables client managers to focus more on business innovation, process improvements and other initiatives of greater strategic importance.

Our Managed Services offers the following features:

  • Dedicated Fixed Pool of resources for either exclusive or shared services for the client
  • Flexible contract – short term, long term
  • Experienced managers/team leaders to manage every step of the SDLC
  • Resource utilization and loading management
  • Analytics-driven project management, and metrics-based reporting
  • Option for flexible or rigid service scope in such areas as project requirements, SLA, and on-demand work assignments among others.
  • HR matters like performance appraisal, training, retention are handled by vendor
  • Choice of blended-rate or multi-tier pricing model
  • Option to use client or vendor’s facility


Some of our Services